Reviews 2017

★★★★★ Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on November 30, 2017
Color: 5G LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN | Verified Purchase


Great product covers gray's well and very gentle on scalp and smell


★★★★★ For Henna Sufferers
By Amazon Customer on November 23, 2017
Color: 7C MEDIUM ASH BLONDE | Verified Purchase


If you've ever experimented with henna hair dye, then you're familiar with the fact that it's permanent and essentially nothing can remove it 100% percent from your hair, and so removing it is a process of growing it out and getting hair cuts. Unfortunately, when you have naturally lighter hair (blondes- med. bruntettes) henna can really have an orange effect on the hair-- especially in sunlight. I've used henna several times on my hair because I was interested in the health and conditioning benefits as well as playing with an auburn hair color. When I was very young my hair was a light-medium auburn color, and became more blonde as I got older and spent a lot of time in the sun. My natural color is a deep blonde to light/medium brown with a slightly red finish. I am very pale with pinkish undertones and although the red henna looked nice for some time in my opinion, then it became too saturated for my skin tone and ended up washing out my light complexion.

It was such a bummer to see the red/orange henna against my fresh roots which are a medium ash tone. Some parts of my hair seemed a little more saturated than others, and I was looking for a way to tone down the henna and make my roots blend more nicely with the henna'ed hair when I purchased this product (I wanted to find something a bit more natural, ESPECIALLY because using chemical dye on henna can really bleep up hair). Although ONC is a bit more pricey than many other boxed dyes, I think it's totally worth it. The ingredients are all relatively safe (WAY less harmful than commercial dyes)-- I can't think of the ONC ingredients off of the top of my head since I used this almost a month ago or otherwise I'd go into more detail about them.

Important: *The color worked safely over my henna hair, and left my hair feeling conditioned. Also, it made a significant impact on my henna hair because it toned down the brightness of the overall hair and made it more cool-- a completely better look for my light/cool complexion. My roots and the rest of my hair are now the same shade (a medium depth) and the color blended out to be a deep blonde with a reddish tint, which is my natural color. If I did not have henna in my hair, and used the 7C color, then I assume it would've toned my blonde hair to a beautiful deep and cool ash color. In fact, I would consider using this again once my henna is grown out.


★★★★★ It did not feel like the usual harmful dye and chemicals used in traditional ...
By katherine Fleischman on November 15, 2017
Color: 8N LIGHT BLONDE | Verified Purchase


This product worked wonders on my hair! It did not feel like the usual harmful dye and chemicals used in traditional products and the stylist that used it on me raved about it and wants to possibly carry it in her salon. The color looks fantastic and I strongly recommend this brand for great quality results and spectacular smooth and healthy finish!


★★★★★ Beautiful Color
By Dry on October 20, 2017
Color: 8G HONEY BLONDE | Verified Purchase


The color is amazing! It's a beautiful, shinny color to flatter almost any skin tone.


★★★☆☆ I love what this product stands for but it didn't work ...
By Miles E. Bearge on on October 11, 2017
Color: 5R RICH COPPER BROWN | Verified Purchase


The color washed out in a couple of days. My hair-like a sponge- didn't absorb much of it. I did follow all the directions accordingly. I love what this product stands for but it didn't work for my hair.

Miles hi

We are the manufacturer of the color and we would like to know why it washed out.

Our color is a non-toxic low pH color, so for some resistant hair types it takes 2—3 applications before you can achieve the desired results. This is usual. Just as it takes time to lose weight when changing from a poor diet to a healthier one. The results are not instant. Make sure your hair is shampooed and clean of colored hair sprays, waxes, and gels before using our color.

Importantly, if you have more than 40% gray hair you will have to buy the corresponding natural tone, which would be 5N in this case, and mix it evenly with 5R. Then instead of using an equal amount of color fix you would use 25% less. After applying this mixture, just to the roots, cover it with the plastic cap provided and apply medium heat from a blow dryer for 15 min (or use a Thermal Heat Cap).

Do not wash or rinse the hair.

Then use just 5R and mix it evenly with the color fix and apply it to the rest of the hair. Wait a further 30 minutes without using heat or the plastic cap. Before shampooing, emulsify or massage the color on the hair for 3 minutes with warm water, to push more color into the open hair cuticles. Then shampoo and rinse, put on the conditioner provided. Wait for 5 minutes before finally rinsing the hair.

You must always use low pH, sulphate and paraben-free shampoo, as provided in the box, for the color to last and shine for weeks to come. Shampoos on sale today will strip color from the hair. Some of the ingredients used are found in drain cleaner!

Important note: The roots of the hair are processed with heat for 15 minutes more than the rest of the hair, as the roots pH is lower (5.5) and more resistant than the hair colored before — its pH will be 10.5 if chemical dye was used previously, and 8.5 if ONC NATURALCOLORS was used.

Please contact me to discuss. We are sure with a little perseverance you will soon be absolutely delighted with the results.


★★★★★ Five Stars
By K. Shelton on September 22, 2017
Color: 2N DARKEST BROWN | Verified Purchase


I usually loose a lot of hair when I color my hair but not this hair color.


★★★★★ Five Stars
By Taif on September 20, 2017
Color: 7C MEDIUM ASH BLONDE | Verified Purchase


Soft and gentle on the hair and doesn’t smell like other hair colors.


★★★★★ Five Stars
By Netty on September 8, 2017
Color: 8G HONEY BLONDE | Verified Purchase


hair feels conditioned after use


★★★★☆ Four Stars
By Amazon Customer on September 5, 2017
Color: 4MC GLAMOROUS BROWN | Verified Purchase


Long lasted, covered all grey!


★★★★★ Five Stars
By Sylvia Jones on August 26, 2017
Color: 10N PLATINIUM BLONDE | Verified Purchase


Great Product !!


★★★★★ Five Stars
By ji Hyun Lee on August 23, 2017
Color: 6RR FIERY RED | Verified Purchase


Ver satisfied. Would like to buy next time


★★★★★ Five Stars
By linda on August 14, 2017
Color: 3N DARK BROWN | Verified Purchase


This is the best.


★★★★★ Five Stars
By megango73 on July 26, 2017
Color: 4MC GLAMOROUS BROWN | Verified Purchase


Excellent product, great results!!
I easy directions and smells good


★★★★★ Love this product
By Kindle Customer on July 21, 2017
Color: 5G LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN | Verified Purchase


This hair color is pricier than the drug store brands, but well worth it. It left my hair in good condition and the color was rich and intense. Also, it does not have a bad or strong odor. I have recommended it to others


★★★★★ Great product
By DM on June 30, 2017
Color: 4MC GLAMOROUS BROWN | Verified Purchase


Best Natural hair product I have found - my hair dressers (2) can't believe how healthy my hair looks - my hair is fully grey, so it not only covers but also looks great. Salon gal gave me a tip to always condition the ends that I do Not want colored so they don't get too dry. I am happy with this color and may try a few others... easy and shiny - I also find that the dotterra conditioner works great for shine...

Hi DM, thank you for your lovely review. As the manufacturer of the color we recommend using ONC Moisturising Shampoo and ONC Moisturising Conditioner regularly to prolong the life of the color and keep you looking your best! Both products are sulphate free, parabens free and enriched with certified organic ingredients! Why not give them a try some time? We are confident you will be impressed : ) Have a great day!


★★★★☆ The product is really good, no harsh smells
By Katherine Fontana on June 29, 2017
Color: 7G MEDIUM GOLDEN BLONDE | Verified Purchase


The product is really good, no harsh smells, actually smelled like flowers and orange. The color was very pretty, I got a 8. The only problem is that it really doesn't cover gray hair. Right after application the gray hair looks less gray, but after a few washes, the gray is back.

Dear Katherine, Thank you for your review. This color should not be compared with chemical colors as its formula and the way it works is totally different. For gray coverage you must buy the corresponding natural tone (in your case 7N as you had 7G). This is clearly indicated on the amazon page. Mix half of 7N (1 oz) and 1 oz of 7G with 2 oz of color mix (you can use the remaining 1 oz of 7N on your next application). You then have to apply the mixture just to your roots (the gray) by sectioning the hair and apply heat from a blow dryer,
after putting on the plastic cap provided,for 10 min for thin hair and 15 min for thick hair. You do not wash or rinse your hair and mix j 1 oz of 7G with 1 oz of colormix and apply to rest of hair without heat or plastic cap. Wait 25 min and before washing hair, massage the color thats on your hair with a bit off warm water in your palm to push more color into already open cuticles for 3 min. Then wash with provided shampoo and conditioner (wait 5 min with conditioner on hair) and rinse and style. As we do not have the chemicals other colors have, the instructions have to be followed carefully for the color to work, cover gray and last. Also you should always use paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner with a low pH (4) for the color to last longer, later. Please contact me on if you have any other questions.


★★★★★ the color is very beautiful and it didn't have any bad smell
By Danya on June 12, 2017
Color: 5N LIGHT BROWN | Verified Purchase


It worked really well! the color is very beautiful and it didn't have any bad smell. It lasted about two months before my gray hairs started showing up again.


★★★★★ Love the fact that it is practically oderlesss
By Martha Olmstead on June 5, 2017
Color: 1N BLACK | Verified Purchase


Love the fact that it is practically oderlesss. I just when through a year of chemo and treatments, my hair came in greyer than before so I was relived to find this product. I was surprised how well it covered my greys and especially happy with the odorless component to this as nausea is still a big factor for me. Love this!!


★★★★★ ... so well and doesn't have the stink or irritation like normal dyes
By Angela Chavez on May 26, 2017
Color: 2N DARKEST BROWN | Verified Purchase


Works so well and doesn't have the stink or irritation like normal dyes. I was worried it would fade since it doesn't have ammonia but other than it lightening maybe a shade or two at most after about 6 weeks, the color had held on well. It even covers greys!


★★★★★ It was easy and looks good
By Chele on May 24, 2017
Color: 7G MEDIUM GOLDEN BLONDE | Verified Purchase


It was easy and looks good. Color was accurate. I went from a lighter shade to this one and it worked well.


★★★☆☆ Three Stars
By Valerie Liscomb on May 17, 2017
Color: 7N MEDIUM BLONDE | Verified Purchase


Liked the product but the color was off

Hi we are the producers of the color and I do not understand when you say the color was off. Do you mean the color was not as same as the color on the box or do you mean it was like gone by its sell by date. Please email me at


★★★★★ Perfect!
By Clara on May 13, 2017
Color: 1N BLACK | Verified Purchase


I bought this for my mom. She's recently become allergic to certain products and she's always dying her hair. We tested this one out & she loved it! The color looked nice and she didn't have a reaction to it. This is the only dye my mom will use.


★★★★★ Do or Dye
By nadean Marytirpack on April 12, 2017
Color: 4MC GLAMOROUS BROWN | Verified Purchase


i thought I'd never be able to color my hair again, after having serious reactions to other hair color in the past. My scalp always itched like crazy Followed by a horrible rash then steroids to calm it. But this was a godsend!! No reaction, beautiful color, colored my gray and left my hair shiny and soft. It's been four weeks and color still looks great!! I finally found an answer to my issues with hair color.


★★★★★ Five Stars
By Mathias on April 2, 2017
Color: 10C LIGHT ASH BLONDE | Verified Purchase


match my natural hair color prefect


★★★★★ I am natural brunette and I like brunette- brown hair color
By Amazon Customer on March 8, 2017
Color: 5N LIGHT BROWN | Verified Purchase


In my early 20's i started to get gray hair- now in my late 30's my hair grows in completely white. I am natural brunette and I like brunette- brown hair color. After years of going to different salons( including some pricey salons) and getting my hair- roots colored every few weeks- my hair has started the last few years to thin and fall out.I believe my hair started to thin & fall due to all constant coloring. I started this past two years to look for organic color because to stop hair thinning and loss. I started with Shea Mositure( also a great line - but I could not get the brown color I wanted) , I think this product is the best. It has been incredibly gentle to my hair, after using probably every hair color line outthere( Loreal, Wella, ,Clairol Fekkai etc.etc.) I know hair color and how it reacts to my scalp. Of all the hair colors I have used this has been the most gentle and it seems most natural hair color. It colored my grays just as good as any other hair color line I used in past.. I also like the outcome- my gray/white hair was a nice brown with golden brown tones - which is exactly what I want, with many other color lines I used in past outcome was brown with red tones and I absolutely dislike red-maroon tones in brown. I am really happy with the color. If you are going to use this line to cover gray hair- the box says to use N line. I used 5N light brown. Great product.


★★★★★ In loveeeee
By Brandy Schaeffer on March 8, 2017
Color: 4MC GLAMOROUS BROWN | Verified Purchase


Love love love this product. It smells amazing and my hair is still soft even after 2-3 weeks of coloring it. I honestly do not wash my hair with shampoo, just conditioner and the color sticks. I recommend this to anyone who doesn't wanna lose their color dye. I cannot wait to use this again (if needed too)


★★★★★ The most gentle hair dye I've ever used
By lexilou Top Contributor: Makeup on March 3, 2017
Color: 4G DARK GOLDEN BROWN | Verified Purchase


So I've been suffering from chronic telogen effluvium. Basically my hair has been falling out chronically for over a year now. I've had lots of tests to determine the cause and the best we can guess is that it was stress induced. The loss has slowed but my scalp is very sensitive now. The remaining hair I have is delicate, tangles easily and my scalp is very sensitive to products. If I try to use harsh products I will see an increase in hair loss. Needless to say I was very worried about dying my hair. But I've also got quite a few grays going on and wanted something to cover them. I read the reviews and decided to go for it with ONC natural colors dark golden brown. I have nearly black hair naturally(except for the grays!) I'm really happy with the results! My scalp did not get irritated in the slightest! It was much easier than a henna/indigo treatment and covered my grays much better too. My hair felt slightly dry afterwards but this was easily remedied with a few drops of macadamia nut oil. My hair looks healthy, natural, and I didn't lose a bunch of hair from irritation! Definitely will be my go-to product for gray coverage. Also matches my natural color very well. I love it!


★★★★★ Nice to use a great product that is far less ...
By Saved by Grace on February 15, 2017
Color: 1N BLACK | Verified Purchase


Nice to use a great product that is far less toxic than what yo buy on the store shelves at the drug store. I'm a fan.


★★★☆☆ A good product, but not quite right for my needs
By Khanada Taylor on February 2, 2017
Color: 10C LIGHT ASH BLONDE | Verified Purchase


This product was more difficult to use that I'd anticipated. You have to use heat (I used a hair dryer) to activate, which was a first for me when using natural coloring. I have used a few other brands and never had to do that before. I stripped previous color out of my hair and wanted to use this to try to at least closely match my natural ash/graying hair, but it didn't cover the left over yellow tint from the color removal and it came out darker than I'd wanted. It's not a bad product, but for my needs it wasn't quite right.

Hi Khanada,
We are the producers of the color. Thank you for your review. Our color does not have the high the pH toxic ingredients that other so called natural colors have so therefore to open the cuticles you have to use heat either by a hair dryer or by our thermal heat cap that is reusable and washable (that keeps the natural body heat coming out of our scalp) to open cuticles. Also you do not use our color and apply heat to previously colored hair. Only to regrowth hair at roots. If you are to strip the color, which means that you have opened the cuticles of the hair to get color out, and apply Natural Colors to it you should not apply heat. If you do the color will turn out much darker.
You should apply the color and wait for it to process for 25 min. naturally without heat. If you wish to have natural, healthy hair this is the process which works and gives the hair a natural shine and bounce. Please email me at if you have any further questions.


★★★★★ ... and am always on the look out for the best and safest products for skin and hair care for ...
By Sher Komisar on January 26, 2017
Color: 3N DARK BROWN | Verified Purchase


I am still impressed with ONC Hair Color. It covers my grey-white hair completely!! And continues to keep my hair looking healthy and youthful. When I read these other negative reviews, I am really surprised: it could be however that people are using shampoos and conditioners that are washing out and damaging their color, shampoos and conditioners meant for non-color-treated hair.. It is always important to use a low ph- made for colored treated hair Shampoo and Conditioner if you are coloring your hair; especially if you are using much more natural approaches such as ONC Hair Color. I strongly urge you who are using ONC to find that kind of Shampoo and Conditioner and then give it a try.

I am a Nutritional Consultant and am always on the look out for the best and safest products for skin and hair care for myself and my clients so I decided to give this a shot..This is the best safe and more natural hair color that I have ever home or even at a salon. It covered my grey thoroughly, left my hair looking natural and healthy...silky, shiny, and with natural looking highlights. I am thrilled to find this hair color line...and trust me I have tried them all before this!

T. Rex 1 year ago

Thank you for your review. I purchased the platinum blonde awhile back and was afraid to use it. After I read your review, I did and my hair looked good and more importantly, healthy!! Not dry at all. :)


★★★★★ Beautiful Color no bra
By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2017
Color: 10C LIGHT ASH BLONDE | Verified Purchase


The most important thing to remember is that this product need heat to open the hair cuticle and absorb the color. I have stubborn grays on my temples and this covered them. The package instructions say to point a blow dryer on your hair (covered by bonnet) for 10 minutes. I tried this first and the color didn't take. You really have to keep the heat direct and consistent but my arms got tired. I got a heating pad, set it to low, placed it around my head and attached it with a stretchy headband. I was free to do other things for 10 minutes. I followed the remaining instructions to the letter and got a beautiful result! My hair always picks up red tones and it didn't with this product. Perfect! Try my heating idea at your own risk.. !!
note * 10C was too blonde for me so I will try 7C next time. Wish they would make an 8C.. maybe if I mix 10 and 7 ???

Anomaly 12 months ago
my comment is for the customer, did you have any luck with the 7c? the ash blonde turned my virgin natral blonde bleached with clown red undertones evident instead of ash coated. Did 7c deposit any dark blonde color onto your hair? oh how i wish i left my natural blonde alone...

Hi, we are the manufacturers of the color and would like thank you for great comments.
We pride ourselves in using healthy quality ingredients and when used per instructions the results are always amazing. Its hair color & hair care in one bottle because of the low pH, hence the need to using heat to open cuticles. However you can also use the thermal heat cap that preserves the body heat to open cuticles (thats also on sale at amazon). For your question of mixing 10 and 7, absolutely yes. You will get a tone between 8 and 9 when mixed 1 oz of each in the colorfix of the 7 box. If you use the colorfix of the 10 box, the color would be closer to 9 as the colorfix in the 10 box is stronger. Please do not hesitate to contact me at


★★★★★ Love it!!!
By Michelle M. on January 24, 2017
Color: 5N LIGHT BROWN | Verified Purchase


I am EXTREMELY allergic to hair color. It would get so bad that my scalp would itch like crazy and blister... so, I thought I would give the natural hair color a shot. Love it! Didn't have any allergic reaction whatsoever. Takes a little more time than the drugstore brands but the results are beautiful.


★★★★☆ Four Stars
By SS on January 11, 2017
Color: 4N MEDIUM BROWN | Verified Purchase


Good product. A bit expensive.

Hi, We are the manufacturers of the color. Thank you for your review. Yes our color is a bit more expensive than chemical colors however our ingredients are far more superior and healthier. Chemical colors are by-products of petroleum, are very toxic and very cheap to produce. Therefore, yes there is a difference in price. Please email me at if you have any questions.


★★★★★ Awesome.
By Marsha Dornes on January 10, 2017
Color: 5N LIGHT BROWN | Verified Purchase


Left my hair feeling so healthy and shiny.