Do you have PPD and is ONC NaturalColors safe to use on allergic scalps?

Yes, we do have PPD, but...any permanent colour that says it does not is either using a derivative, or lying.

Why PPD?

To colour hair you need to open the hair cuticles and deposit colour. Once you deposit the colour you then have to make sure it is 'stuck' to the core of the hair. That is what PPD is for. If you do not have PPD, or a derivative, the colour will not be permanent and will wash off after a few days.

The questions then should be, 1. How much PPD is there? And 2. What is the pH level?


1. As much of our ingredients and pigments are organic we do not need as much PPD as other brands. The amount of PPD is less than 0.06% compared to 6% in other brands.

Low pH

2. ONC NaturalColors has a low pH of 8.5 compared to 10.5 of other brands. The difference is not two but 20. As the scale measure is in increments of 0.1. Like the Richter scale to measure earthquakes.

Hydrolyzed pigments

ONC NaturalColors does not have to 'fry' the hair to deposit pigments into the core of the hair. We hydrolyze the pigments so that the molecules are a fraction of the size of other brands.

What does hydrolyzed mean?

To hydrolyze something is to break it down with water. The water breaks into two parts, hydroxide and hydrogen. These parts have opposite charges. One negative, the other positive. This aids digestion, but has astounding results for hair treatments too.

When hydrolysis occurs complete proteins break down into their individual amino acid parts.

What's left is a unique profile of individual amino acids ready to get to work. This team of building blocks penetrates the hair better than other plant proteins.

This is key to why hydrolyzed ingredients are so effective. ONC use hydrolyzed ingredients throughout its products.

Do you have Peroxide and/or Oxygen?

Yes, but...our peroxide is chamomile based and classified as food grade. The same grade used in hospitals during surgery. It is the same solution that people use to put their contact lenses in overnight. The cost is triple, compared to the ones almost all other colour companies use.

Use of heat

ONC NaturalColors relies on body heat to soften the cuticles to deposit the colour. Either from a thermal heat cap or hair dryer.

As a result to 'stick' the colour pigments to the hair core we only need a fraction of PPD (0.06%) compared to other brands.

When the pH is as low as 8.5 and the amount of PPD as small as 0.06%. The chance of it entering the bloodstream is tiny. This is an important health benefit!

This is why a lot of clients who have bad reactions to other brands prefer ONC NaturalColors.

The formula developed for ONC NaturalColors over 14 years is as safe as it gets. Is permanent and covers grey like any well known brand.

The colour does not cover my grey - women

Some hair types are more resistant. ONC NaturalColors does not have harsh, toxic chemicals. As a result, you need to use less Colorfix to compensate. Rather than mixing Color Gel and Colorfix in equal parts, use 30% less Colorfix to Color Gel. For example, mix 1 fl oz of Color Gel with 0.60 fl oz of Colorfix. The measurements do not need to be exact. You can use kitchen utensils for measuring. As ONC NaturalColors will wash off with hot water and will not leave a residue. Wash and dry resistant grey hair before colour use.

For very resistant areas of grey hair, such as the temples, ears and forehead, pre-pigment these. To do this, first put 0.20 fl oz of Color Gel and mix it with 0.5 fl oz of Colorfix. Apply this mixture to all areas of resistant grey hair. Put on the plastic shower cap provided and wait for 15 min. Do not use heat. After 15 min take the shower cap off. Do not wash or rinse your hair. Next, mix Color Gel and Colorfix in equal parts and apply from your grey roots over the whole hair. So the pre pigmented hair will get two coats of colour. Put the plastic shower cap back on, and apply medium heat from a blow dryer (or use the ONC Thermal Heat Cap) for 20 min. Take the plastic shower cap off, stop the heat, and wait another 30 min without heat. Before shampooing, wet and massage the colour already in the hair for 3 min. This will push more colour into your hair cuticles, which are already open from 65 min of processing. Shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, wait for 3 min, rinse, and style.

Prepare and use colour so that it is not left in the bowl for more than 20 min. Use it straightaway. This is important because ONC NaturalColors has less chemicals and is paraben free. As a result, it starts to lose its effectiveness after 20 min if not used.  If it takes you longer than 20 min to colour your hair, prepare another batch whilst applying colour. Prepare and use the colour in two, or more batches.