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The color does not cover my gray - women

Some hair types are more resistant. ONC NaturalColors does not have harsh, toxic chemicals. As a result, you need to use less Colorfix to compensate. Rather than mixing Color Gel and Colorfix in equal parts, use 30% less Colorfix to Color Gel. For example, mix 1 fl oz of Color Gel with 0.60 fl oz of Colorfix. The measurements do not need to be exact. You can use kitchen utensils for measuring. As ONC NaturalColors will wash off with hot water and will not leave a residue. Wash and dry resistant gray hair before color use.

For very resistant areas of gray hair, such as the temples, ears and forehead, pre-pigment these. To do this, first put 0.20 fl oz of Color Gel and mix it with 0.5 fl oz of Colorfix. Apply this mixture to all areas of resistant gray hair. Put on the plastic shower cap provided and wait for 15 min. Do not use heat. After 15 min take the shower cap off. Do not wash or rinse your hair. Next, mix Color Gel and Colorfix in equal parts and apply from your gray roots over the whole hair. So the pre pigmented hair will get two coats of color. Put the plastic shower cap back on, and apply medium heat from a blow dryer (or use the ONC Thermal Heat Cap) for 20 min. Take the plastic shower cap off, stop the heat, and wait another 30 min without heat. Before shampooing, wet and massage the color already in the hair for 3 min. This will push more color into your hair cuticles, which are already open from 65 min of processing. Shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, wait for 3 min, rinse, and style.

Prepare and use color so that it is not left in the bowl for more than 20 min. Use it straightaway. This is important because ONC NaturalColors has less chemicals and is paraben free. As a result, it starts to lose its effectiveness after 20 min if not used.  If it takes you longer than 20 min to color your hair, prepare another batch whilst applying color. Prepare and use the color in two, or more batches.